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Our Purpose:

Gibbons Co. believes in giving kiwis a hand up. With the current state of housing across the country, we are in this to help those in need by providing newly built, warm, dry homes.

The benefit of supporting community housing providers, Iwi groups and affordable housing providers reaches far beyond just bricks and mortar. We support providers that back up new housing with wrap around care and support services to those who need a hand up.

The upside for all kiwis and NZ society is what drives our cause considering the proven outcomes on improving:
- Health and wellness
- Education/further education
- Community and social involvement
- Economic - more affordable & sustainable relative to transitional/emergency housing/doctors visits/crime rates - if we didn't provide new housing.

The security of tenure that our partners provide is what gives tenants the greatest relief - to know that the home they are provided isn't going to be taken away by a landlord or in emergency or transitional housing. The flow on effect of this housing security is lower doctors visits, increased school attendance, sense of belonging to community and HOPE for a better future.

We know that new homes form a key fabric in building strong families and in making NZ society an equal one.

Gibbons Co. Track Record - Established in 2008, 16 years of delivery across Auckland, Welington and regional New Zealand, 70+ projects with a combined project valuation of over $1B, delivering to meet the need is what Gibbons Co are here proud of achieving. Residential and Social housing projects form a key part of our fabric and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Gibbons Co. - Trust
With our combined experience over the last 5 years in the social housing and community housing sector, we have partnered to design and build a number of projects that meet specific needs such as, accessible property, full universal design, elderly and senior housing, singles, key workers and family designed homes. Partnerships formed on the basis of shared values, needs design and care for people in need are important to us.

Gibbons Co - Culture
As with all projects we have a strong connection to Mana Whenua, local Iwi and Hapu groups across Aotearoa. Early engagement and collaboration form an integral part of delivering outcomes that meet the needs of all stakeholders. We know that the best housing outcomes requires a strong connection to people and place, past and present.

Gibbons Co. - Services
Property development is inherently risky, we know that after 16 years of experience. We aim to remove the complexity from new build development, to manage the process for you and to deliver housing that meets your needs so that you can focus internally on tenancy management, asset management and support services for your specific cohort. That care and support of people is why we support community housing providers. We offer the services below to add value to our partners with new build development projects.

Service offerings & value added to CHP Partner -

Land Acquisition:
Some of our partners own land that they would like to redevelop or better utilise. For those who don't we source and acquire land suited to meet your new build location needs

Consultant Procurement:
Some of our partners have internal project management teams. For those who don't, we have project managers and development managers who manage the procurement process of respected consultants who have delivered quality work with us in the past

All of our partners are different. Some focus on senior housing, some on families with accessible requirements and so forth. We design homes and projects that meet the specific needs of each cohort. It helps that we understand MHUD design standards and have designed to meet Full universal and accessible standards.

Project Management:
Gibbons Co has a team of internal project managers and development managers, including quantity surveyors and construction managers. So you can continue to do what you are strong at, we provide the team to manage the development from start to finish.

Gibbons Co aims to build faster and for competitive pricing. We aim to standardise designs as much as possible so that we have efficiency and repeatable construction. The outcome is a quicker build and a more affordable home for our partners. Construction involves the entire process from site clearance, civil works, earthworks, building construction and landscaping.

Contracts to suit:
Often a turnkey contract suits our partners as the only input required from the partner is to oversee and approve the design. Once design is approved and the commercials are resolved, the key to a new building are handed over upon completion. This makes our partners lives much easier as the contract is agreed upfront and the entire process is looked after from start to finish.

Reporting & stakeholder engagement:
We know that you will need and expect sound reporting and governance so that you can report to your board of trustees and general managers - we report on progress and assist you with your reporting requirements. Often external parties need to be engaged to communicate new projects and any changes to the community - often these changes are positive and well received so our involvement enables our partners to manage that process effectively.

Finance & Funding:
We have very good relationships with all of our finance and funding partners from banks to social impact investors to the government. Finance is an important part of new build development and we have some options that assist our partners in this regard. A combination of ownership and leasing gives our partners the ability to retain ownership and to realise capital growth whilst having additional support for long-term rentals. Gibbons Co. has the track record of delivery built over time that has enabled funding confidence.

If you want to partner with a purpose driven development company with the track record and trusted relationships tested over 16 years then we welcome your expression of interest.

Please contact James Ross | Email: jamesr@gibbonsco.co.nz | PH: 0277746139

Gibbons Co, proudly a Community Housing Aotearoa - Development Partner Member