Medical Hub - Remuera

Commercial | Auckland

Remuera Medical Hub is a high-end, shared medical facility. With a sophisticated interior design and state-of-the-art building services, this development will attract leading health and medical companies looking to elevate their offering to a discerning clientele. Designed by world-renowned architects, Fearon Hay, RMH has an ultra-modern glass fa├žade on Remuera Road and an intricate mesh screen facing the Norana Ave car park. An arrangement of circular, fabric structures forms the rear canopy. Inside, the austere circulation zones use textured walls, polished floors, exposed ceilings, translucent panelling, and feature lighting to evoke the sense of being inside a contemporary art gallery. We currently have space for lease, to make an enquiry please contact us.
Fearon Hay
Quarter 4 - 2023
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